First interview. Uproxx series!

Here it is!


My first 1 on 1 interview! So thankful for everyone on the @uproxx team and how beautifully they put this video together!


Morena Duwe for reaching out and being such a boss with her skills and really walking me through this process to make a nice and smooth, enjoyable experience.


Im on cloud 9! What an awesome way to start the week off!


Hope y’all enjoy!


Summer happenings!

Can't believe summer is already here! Feeling super stoked on the upcoming projects. I've made a small pic with all upcoming events I will be creating at. Below I will include all links and info. 


Phaneros Family Campout


Oregon Eclipse


Tipper & Friends 4,3,2,1 event

New website!

Can't express enough how good it feels to finally have a website up and going. Don't know why its taken this long but super stoked on how convenient it is now to have everything in one easily navigated location!

Stay tuned!